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The Winter Sports How-To

Taking on the winter weather can prove a challenge. Yet, if you are anything like us, being cooped up inside is more miserable than the brisk wind. Knowing that not everybody feels that way we decided to share a few tips on making outdoor activities more enjoyable. Ice skating, skiing, snow wheeling, ice fishing, snowshoeing, the fun is endless. These are helpful for the winter enthusiasts as well as the newbies willing to give the great winter weather a shot.

Consider the Intensity Level

When you add cold and snow to anything the level of intensity goes up. If you aren’t used to outdoor activities in the winter, consider starting with a lower intensity activity such as snowshoeing to get your foot in the snow. Finding out you don’t enjoy the cold at all while you are being hurled down a mountain with skis strapped to your feet is not a good time. It took us a while on the bunny hill to get used to downhill skiing, and we still prefer ice skating or snowshoeing. It is all personal preference. If the cold proves to be a bother, you are not out of luck. You can participate in activities like snow wheeling or ice fishing, where the wind is less of a factor. It is important to know what you can handle before you are on top of the mountain.

Group Activities

This is our favorite tip because things are always more fun with others. The more the merrier definitely pertains to winter sports and activities. On top of building fun memories it allows for different levels of experience. When you group up, the chances of having somebody that has done the activity in your group increases. If you can’t get your group together consider looking for classes at the ski hill or local park. There are also a ton of options online for activities, google your favorite activity, no doubt there are others planning a meetup.  As an enthusiast, teaching others adds a new level of enjoyment. Could you teach?

Research the Activity

Learn more about the activity you want to try. If it is snowboarding learn all that you can about the equipment, how to put it on, the basics of how snowboarding works. When you go into something with absolutely no clue what to expect it can become overwhelming. If you know the basics you can go in with the jargon down, so you at least know what is being said. That will allow you to focus more on the instruction, and less on the basics. Research will also help you determine what you need to bring. Do you need snow pants, or can you do it without? The research will help you determine what needs to be done before hand.

Just like any new activity winter sports can seem overwhelming and possibly a little frightening, but once you get the hang of it that uncertainty disappears. There is nothing quite like being in that brisk weather enjoying the elements. Who knows, maybe your new favorite activity is in the great white outdoors.

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